Buying Duty Free Goods Now Easier

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One of the perks of travelling is buying duty free goods.  However, trying to calculate the currency exchange, then adding the multitude of other fees/charges, can be tricky, unless you are a mathematics genius.  Recently Central Board of Excise and Duty (CBEC) announced that duty free shops should display the prices of goods in INR also, along with the exchange rate.  By displaying the prices of goods in INR, customers paying with INR debit/credit card won’t have to bear forex charges, transaction fees and other levies.  Shopping at duty free shopping just became cheaper, however CBEC also issued a limit to how much can be spent on purchases.

The limit for passengers coming in at the arrival terminal shall be set to Rs. 25,000, while purchases made by passengers in the departure terminal with INR debit/credit cards will be unlimited.  However, cash transactions in all Indian duty-free shops will have a ceiling of Rs. 25,000.

To read the entire circular, please click here.